Three reasons to adopt LegalSolutionDOC®


The obligation to use the NSO – Nodo Smistamento Ordini to do business with NHS agencies is incumbent. In order to make the most of the possibilities offered by this innovation and not to suffer passively from innovation, an adequate management tool is needed. An integrated solution, which does not limit itself to taking care of just one aspect of the tax documents but covers the entire order cycle, guaranteeing a good level of automation and therefore saving costs and time. 2C Solution’s LegalSolutionDOC® hub enjoys these features. Let’s see the three main reasons to adopt this software.


Not only NSO: document management is complete

The LegalSolutionDOC® platform cannot be described as a simple document management solution. It is much more than that, it is a cloud-based platform with which you can manage all aspects of your business documents. It is a large container that offers solutions for the entire order cycle, including electronic invoicing and the creation and management of electronic order documents to be transmitted via the NSO. A tool that integrates with your business system and allows you to:

  • Automate procedures: LegalSolutionDOC® allows you to create an electronic invoice or order document and send them through the channels identified by the legislator (such as PEC – Certified E-Mail, or the European standard infrastructure PEPPOL) to the SDI – Interchange System or to the NSO – Nodo Smistamento Ordini. Operations are simple and faster. This will allow staff who have to fulfill these obligations to have more time for other activities, thus optimizing work and production. For example, LegalSolutionDOC® offers the possibility to automatically search archived documents very quickly. In addition, the platform records every operation performed on its documents.
  • Dematerialize: LegalSolutionDOC® allows you to embrace the benefits of dematerialization, allowing you to eliminate paper. Managed documents are completely digital and so are the processes to process them. For example, with the archiving and storage carried out in compliance with the regulations, therefore in digital form as required by the Digital Administration Code, you can save space and provide more security to your archives. The documents will always be available, searchable and intact over time. In addition, you will not have to find space for paper folders in the office.
  • Save costs: one of the advantages of using a digital order cycle management solution is the obvious saving of resources. In fact, once you have purchased the platform, maintenance costs are negligible, while fulfilling legal obligations is free of charge. You also save money because it is no longer necessary to use paper: every single sheet of paper does not have a great cost, but the numerous reams used in the offices for bureaucratic fulfillment certainly weigh on the budget. Especially in terms of wasting the time of human resources employed in the paper management of documents.

In addition to these features, it should be stressed that the LegalSolutionDOC® platform is not designed as a “finished” product, but it can also help those who use it to deal with the legal requirements that will be promoted in the future.


An evolving platform

In fact, 2C Solution, the company that offers the LegalSolutionDOC® platform, aims to develop its services with a view to future expansions, in view of the regulatory requirements that will arise over time. The constant updating of the company, which works to anticipate legal obligations, thus allowing those who use the platform to be always “on the piece”, makes LegalSolutionDOC® a live and reliable tool in the long term. There is no risk that a service will not be covered or that regulatory compliance will not be guaranteed, precisely because on the one hand the platform allows the expansion to extra modules, on the other hand there is great attention to the constant changes in standards.

For these features, LegalSolutionDOC® is a pioneering tool in the digital transformation market. In this sense, 2C Solution is carrying out research on new technologies, such as big data and blockchain, to investigate all aspects.


Certified safety and reliability

The third reason why you should entrust your document management to the LegalSolutionDOC® platform is the high degree of security. The manufacturer, 2C Solution, is accredited by AgID and has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certifications. The first standard deals with the requirements necessary for a management system to be of quality, the second standard deals with the requirements to ensure proper security management, the third and fourth are specific for the management and protection of data in the cloud.

The company also provides an assistance service, a SOC – Security Operation Center that monitors the status of services 24h/24 and, among future projects, there is that of a structured training activity to support companies in digital transformation.