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The SolutionDOC® suite was designed to make your work process quicker, simpler and leaner.

As predicted by the keenest market analysts, increasing documentation requirements, coupled with the latest legislative trends, are moving companies and public administrations towards digital innovation.

SolutionDOC® is a smart system that streamlines you daily processes using intuitive and functional solutions. Digital intelligence at your service!

Enterprise Content Management

Create intranet/internet portals in which to share business information and documents throughout the company, also via mobile devices. Define personal areas that can be fully customised by the user or by the administrator. A powerful yet user-friendly collaboration engine.

Your Enterprise Content Management will always be one step ahead!

  • Create intranet/internet portals
  • Define personal areas
  • Use 100% customisable graphic templates
  • Create html pages
  • Create customised dashboards and KPIs

Document Management System

Organise, classify and search for your business documents using a Document Management System equipped with a simple yet powerful full-text engine. Organising, classifying and searching for business documents has never been easier!

The best solution to manage business documents:

  • Manage any type of document (invoices, delivery notes, orders, ledgers, emails, faxes, letters, offers, brochures, etc.)
  • Leverage advanced OCR tools to manage any digital/analogue input
  • Configure your indexes and metadata to search for and filter documents
  • Rename documents to be stored according to precise rules
  • Assist indexing by preloading normalised lists
  • Enable connectivity to other applications when storing and retrieve data in real time

Business Process Management

Manage a wide range of business processes and transform your workflows into designable information flows without writing a single line of code! Our Business Process Management transforms any documentary procedure, quickly and easily.

Designing information flows has never been easier.

  • Design any IT procedure
  • Define data input masks and logical process flows
  • Use Business Process Management without writing a single line of code
  • Design flows alongside our best consultants

Manage documents, processes and content with SolutionDOC®


The resources you need, when you need them! A suite that is as light as a cloud, also in price.

The pay-as-you-go SolutionDOC® document and business process management suite, accessed through a cloud platform, does not require a large initial investment!


The power of installing SolutionDOC® directly on your servers, ensuring real time responses! This solution reduces management costs, helps make quick decisions, and improves monitoring of business flows: everything you would expect from an Enterprise Content Management system.