Simplify your work with a Document Management System.

La rivoluzione digitale per la tua azienda si chiama 2C Solution

This guide to document management can help you digitise your business’ data and documents, thereby improving your performance and streamlining your work.


Document Management advantages:

  1. Be more organised. Never again lose a document – organise your corporate database, automatically and tidily.
  2. Be more effective. Process information quickly with a corporate database that is easy to access and use.
  3. Be more efficient. Improve the performance of your workflows by saving time and optimising the allocation of human resources.
  4. Be tidier. Tidy up the flow of data and files managed by the company (e-invoices, PDFs, delivery notes, email attachments, etc.) via multichannel communication.
  5. Be more secure. Store legal and tax documents for 10 years, in accordance with the law and in total safety.

Digitising corporate documents brings a series of advantages that you’ll no longer be able to do without! First and foremost, the ability to find, process and transmit documents instantly.


Finding documents has never been easier!

How much time have you wasted over the years, searching for documents on behalf of a customer or supplier? With a Document Management software, a simple search from a PC or smartphone will enable you to find and send any type of document in a jiffy.

Say goodbye to bulky binders and dusty archives! Document Management creates your own, fully accessible digital archive, without taking up an inch of room!

A virtual, 100% secure space where you can store your tax and legal documents – and much more besides – in accordance with the law and for all the time you require!


Putting data safety first.

By digitising documents, you are protecting your data against the damages of time and all the risks associated with a physical archive. You can also make virtual copies of documents and establish access authorisations to further increase your digital archive’s security.

With a Document Management system, you can ensure sensitive documents are only viewed by authorised people, and keep track of who is accessing or reading your files. You can also “freeze” your documents from a specific date, so that they can no longer be amended, in accordance with the law.


Organise your know-how with the technology of the future.

Classify your data and documents in a structured, orderly manner. In this way, you can control all your business information with ease: never again waste time searching for documents in your archives or lose an unprocessed document.

Moreover, by using cloud-based technology, you can access your documents anywhere and at any time. You need never worry about losing your data, as quality backups regularly save your documents to different locations. Moreover, your documents will be protected from external attacks, in accordance with the law, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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