New app LegalSolutionDOC® Mobile

The quick and easy billing in app is called LegalSolutionDOC® Mobile!

How does the new LegalSolutionDOC® Mobile app work?

Thanks to the LegalSolutionDOC® Mobile app you can consult your invoices from your smartphone or tablet, comfortably and securely. No more wasting time! You can access your documents with a click wherever you are, even when you’re away from the office.

Active features in apps.

  • View active and passive cycle invoices
  • Consult all the results of transmitting invoices to the SDI
  • Access invoice details (e.g. date of dispatch, SDI ID, etc.).
  • View the sending results to the SDI and the status of courtesy emails
  • View the invoice in PDF format
  • Download and email invoices
  • Access any attachments to the invoice
  • Consult invoices issued in the name and on behalf of third parties
  • See the summary report of invoices sent and received

Why is the e-Invoicing app useful?

Are you a professional or do you work in administration and need an invoice soon? Are you an entrepreneur and would you like a quick report on your company’s billing?

With LegalSolutionDOC® Mobile it has never been easier to access your business administration data.

Compatible for smartphones and tablets.
Available in the App Store from February 1, 2020, soon also in the Play Store.