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Thanks to the digitization of invoices, the amount of Big Data available to companies has increased: what are the opportunities to be seized?

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In which direction is the Digital Transformation market heading?

In Italy, the conservation of digital documents, also known as substitute conservation, began in 2004 with CNIPA resolution no. 11/2004, which, under certain conditions, equates paper documents with electronic documents.

The obligation of electronic invoicing for Public Administrations has been in force since 6th June 2014 and since 31st March 2015 also for local Public Administrations. The first reference to this obligation is Law no. 244 of 24 December 2007 (2008 Italian Budget Law).

With January 1, 2019, B2B electronic invoicing is mandatory throughout Italy, in compliance with the 2018 Italian Budget Law, which introduced the widespread obligation of electronic invoicing both in commercial relations between private VAT taxable persons (companies and professionals with VAT) and towards final consumers.

Starting from April 18, 2020, the European electronic invoicing obligation will be triggered, which will concern all public administrations of the Union.

But are these only obligations or are they also opportunities? Today, many companies have realised the enormous benefits of digital management of their documents and business processes. In addition, in the near future, companies will do more and more business by exploiting the data in their possession through the digitisation of documents.