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2C Solution Fatturazione Elettronica

Guide to secure and simple e-Invoicing.

LegalSolutionDOC® is a hub that allows you to manage e-Invoicing to Public Administrations, the private sector and Europe!

Leave all your e-Invoicing worries to us! LegalSolutionDOC® offers you a platform to create, send, receive, process and store e-invoices simply and securely.

Who are the stakeholders involved in e-Invoicing?

  • Businesses/Public Administrations. Under current legislation, businesses and PAs must issue and receive invoices exclusively in electronic format (XML).
  • Exchange System. System that receives and forwards e-invoices to the intended recipient. The Revenue Agency manages the Exchange System.
  • Intermediary (2C Solution). Subject that manages technologies for sending and receiving invoices, as well as their digital preservation of 10 years, as required by law.

How does the LegalSolutionDOC® hub work?

Through the LegalSolutionDOC® HUB, you can coordinate and manage your customers under every aspect: forms and contracts, training, commercial assistance, price determination, and customer support. And all this while turning your responsibilities over to us, your accredited registrar!

Three e-Invoicing solutions: PA, B2B, PEPPOL.

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2C Solution PEPPOL

PEPPOL: European e-Invoicing

Manage all your business documents automatically in PEPPOL UBL format, thereby increasing the level of control and visibility of the entire process at the European level.

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2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

B2B e-Invoicing

Automate the generation, transmission, monitoring and management of e-Invoicing between private parties (businesses and VAT-registered professionals), for both invoices payable and receivable. We’ll store them on your behalf for 10 years!

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2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

Public Administration e-Invoicing

Send and receive e-invoices in the format required, generate and log the transmission reports, and preserve both your invoices and the reports, digitally and in accordance with the law! A service dedicated to Public Administrations.