From e-Invoicing to the digitisation of tax documents in Italy.

La rivoluzione digitale per la tua azienda si chiama 2C Solution

In Italy, the compulsory move to e-Invoicing introduced on 1 January 2019 has forced many companies to integrate their accounting systems with software capable of managing invoices payable and receivable.

Italy’s move to Digital Transformation occurs through e-Invoicing

E-Invoicing has helped Italian companies to rethink their administrative and accounting processes, making them leaner and more automated.

For example, upon receiving an invoice, some of the data included in the ERP system – such as the sender’s contact details, the invoice number and date, the VAT No., etc. – can be processed automatically.


Software for digitising tax documents

Innovative businesses have taken advantage of this opportunity to digitise not just invoices, but also tax books, delivery notes, certified emails and their various tax and legal documents.


Digitising tax documents means:

  • Managing business document flows in an orderly manner;
  • Digitally designing and tracking the processes connected with such documents;
  • Making archived documents easy to consult;
  • Preserving documents, digitally and automatically, in accordance with the law.
  • Saving space, money and resources.


Archiving documents with a click through your E-Invoicing portal

The LegalSolutionDOC® e-Invoicing portal has been designed to facilitate digitalisation of business documents. All you have to do is enable the preservation of other tax documents to add the service to your dashboard.

Using the same credentials to access the portal with which you manage invoices payable and receivable, you can conveniently store certified emails and tax books, in a veritable document management portal.


How many documents precede and follow e-invoices?

Orders, waybills, payments, statements, reminders, tax books… document digitisation needs to integrate with the business’ information and ERP systems in order to organise and make workflows traceable.

The time has come to say no to paper. We’ve being doing it since 2005! Choose LegalSolutionDOC®: it’s farsighted, fully accessible and 100% legal.

Today, a printed e-invoice has no legal value. Nowadays, tools such as certified emails and graphometric signatures require all-round electronic document management, in compliance with current regulations.

The need for these technologies is forcing companies to change their work method. To achieve a paperless future, it is important to acquire software capable of ensuring compliance with the laws and absolute data safety.

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