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2C Solution archiviazione digitale

Your business’ Document Management Software.

The SolutionDOC® Document Management System allows you to organise, classify, search for and manage your business documents quickly, intuitively, interactively and – above all – effectively.

The SolutionDOC® Document Management System allows you to organise documents in line with your organisation’s structure. It is a multi-business system: through the application’s advanced tools, you can define the types of documents to be managed by each company.

Discover the key features of our Document Management software:

  • Organise and classify all your administrative documents (invoices, delivery notes, orders, inventory and stock ledgers), correspondence (emails, faxes, letters) and commercial documents (offers, brochures, photos, video), simply and precisely.
  • Manage metadata entry effectively using advanced OCR tools or connectors that make indexing and storage simple and fast.
  • Make use of a variety of features designed to: configure indexes/metadata to search for and filter documents; rename documents to be stored; assist indexing by preloading normalised lists; enable connectivity to other applications when storing documents to retrieve updated data in real time.

How does the 2C Solution Document Management software work?

Store and Classify

The SolutionDOC® Document Management software stores and classify every type of business document: administrative (invoices, delivery notes, ledgers), commercial (offers, photos, videos) and correspondence (emails, faxes, letters).

Merge, split and convert

The PDFSolution virtual printer enables you to store, merge, split and convert in PDF any document. You can sign documents digitally and check signatures, as well as send documents by fax or email before storing them in SolutionDOC®.

Drag and index with RemoteCLIENT

RemoteCLIENT speeds up the entry and downloading of documents to be amended: you can search for documents from the Windows interface or in files, and store documents by dragging them into the appropriate file.

Add-in for Outlook

Our add-in for Outlook stores emails (also in batch) with a single operation: choose whether to store entire messages or attachments, drag the emails into the desired file, and decide whether to make them available to other users.