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Conservazione Digitale a norma 2C Solution

Digital Preservation

Store, search and view your documentation in a digital archive.

  • Completely eliminates paper archives with digital preservation of documents in lieu of the law.
  • Delegation of 100% responsibility for archiving your documents to a certified and accredited company.
  • Integrate our system to your management system through a universal connector.

What's standard storage?

Storage in accordance with the law is governed by art. 44 of the Digital Administration Code (Legislative Decree no. 82/2005, amended by Legislative Decree no. 217/2017) which provides for the obligation to store – digitally – documents containing deeds, facts or data as legally relevant. The preservation is also valid for evidentiary purposes.

The digital preservation can be carried out by accredited subjects, such as 2C Solution. In fact, we have all the authorizations and certifications to provide this service with maximum regulatory compliance and security. 2C Solution ensures the characteristics of authenticity, integrity, reliability, readability and availability of the documents stored.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

Who is the Conservation Officer?

The standardised conservation system is managed by 2C Solution, which is the Conservation Manager. In fact, it is possible to entrust the responsibility of conservation to other public or private entities, called “Conservators”.

2C Solution, on the basis of art. 5 of the Technical Rules referred to in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 3 December 2013, offers the organizational and technological guarantees and is accredited as conservator with the Agency for Digital Italy.

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