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CERVED 2C Solution partnership

Credit Risk and Data Quality

Directly in your e-Invoice portal

Thanks to the digitization of invoices, the amount of Big Data available to companies has increased. The collaboration between 2C Solution and CERVED has translated this opportunity into a powerful tool available to your business. In fact, the combination of information from electronic invoicing with Big Data CERVEDs on over 6 million Italian companies allows you to know the creditworthiness of your customers, suppliers and business counterparts. Moreover, thanks to the correctness of the data available in these systems, you can know many other useful information for your business. Let’s discover how the Credit Risk and Data Quality service works, available directly in your electronic invoicing portal.

Check the health status of your clients.

Analyze the correctness of your data.

Facilitates the success of your business.

What does it mean to protect yourself from risk?

  • Have you ever issued an invoice to a new customer and the master data in your management system were wrong?
  • Have you ever issued an invoice and your customer’s company was no longer active?
  • Did you ever want to know in advance if your customer had signs of a business crisis?

Today, the important information to be able to control the quality of data in your management and to protect yourself from risk is conveniently in your e-Invoicing portal!

Activates the module directly in LegalSolutionDOC®

Check the health of your credit directly from the e-Invoicing portal.

Thanks to the Data Quality service you are sure to have all the correct information to invoice solvent companies without errors. In addition:

Controlla la salute del tuo credito.

Check the health status of your credit in real time. At any time, you can find out more about the information that interests you with a click, directly on your pie chart.

Monitors the creditworthiness of customers and suppliers.

When ordering or billing you can check the creditworthiness of your customers. This significantly reduces the risk of default.

Analyze your market.

You can consult on demand the reports of millions of Italian companies and download the details of the files of each company of interest to you, without leaving the platform.

Credit Score, with one click.

Easily identify the risk rate of your customers and suppliers. From their tab you can control negative events, profitability and other data useful to your administration.

The certainty of having the right data.

Has your client’s business name changed? Has your supplier’s registered office been changed? Check with a click to have the updated data in your management system.

Manage the advance invoice.

Associate with a click your request for advance invoice all documents of the order cycle (offer, order confirmation, DDT…) that add value to your business.

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