SCILM S.p.a.

Customer: SCILM S.p.a.

Sector: Furniture

Company profile

Scilm S.p.a. has been working for over 30 years to create and develop innovative ideas that, through research, turns into high value components for kitchens and furniture.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

The main objective of SCILM SPA was to start the SolutionDOC project within the company with the management of administrative documents (active and passive cycle). This documentation was managed on paper (with the documents photocopied several times) and some stored, at best, in digital mode through a series of folders of Windows with the HUGE waste of time management and research if not the loss of the same.

The company felt the need to adopt a document archiving system, for a faster search, but also a legal digital preservation system for the elimination of paper that had reached considerable levels. Thanks to the SolutionDOC solution, the objective has been achieved and at the same time the flow of approval of supplier invoices has been activated, interacting with the management of the customer for the recovery of the cost centers associated with the supplier with the authorization of payments.

Scilm S.p.A. chose SolutionDOC® with the aim of reorganizing all company information in order to simplify its management and make it easier to find. All documents are stored within SolutionDOC® through automation tools that interface with the Scanner and are catalogued (sorted) in several different ways (while maintaining the uniqueness of the document) to give the administrative office the cataloging and access to data desired. In other words, the cataloguing of documents has been replicated exactly as it was previously on paper.

The 2C Solution successes: the word of our customer

During our growth, SolutionDOC® has proved to be a valuable tool not only in the management of administrative documents, but especially to facilitate the flow of authorization operations Invoice Liabilities. By making SolutionDOC® interact with our management system (Galileo on AS400 technology), we have been able to adopt innovative and measurable business processes.

Luca Marchioro – SCILM IT Manager

The benefits of SolutionDOC®

By integrating its systems with SolutionDOC®, SCILM SPA has managed to maintain the pace of structural growth by exploiting the adaptability of the platform. Moreover, the company has now completely abandoned its internal warehouse and the resources that were used in the management of components now carry out other internal activities.

To date SCILM SPA has been able to dematerialize ALL business documents, and is in a position to address the growth trend that has had so far for the future. For the realization of this ambitious project, we can say that SolutionDOC® has proved to be an indispensable tool for document management supported by a design and support team with a high degree of competence.