Reale Group

Client: Reale Group

Sector: Insurance.


Reale Group is an international Group present in Italy and Spain through the Parent Company – Società Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni – and its subsidiaries; it offers proposals in the insurance, banking, real estate and services fields, protecting more than 3.8 million Insured. With more than 3,100 employees in Italy and Spain, Reale Group has one of the highest solidity in the market, as evidenced by a solvency ratio of 250% (Solvency I) and 265% (Solvency II).

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

Reale Group has developed a digital document management system, integrated with all business management application systems, which allows the synchronization of the availability of structured data and unstructured data (documents). The system allows the interaction of documents in a totally dematerialized way between the sales network (local agencies), the liquidation network and the management offices by making available, in real time, all the documents of the relationship agency, partner / customer, policy, claim.

Implementation began in 2011 with the dematerialisation of the claim file, and continued in subsequent years with the policy file and the personal documents. On this plant, the processes of electronic graphometric signature, contract issuance and mobile payment have been implemented in a solid manner and in a short time, and have been made available to the sales network since March 2015.

The realization of the workflow engine for the management of graphometric signature documents has been realized by 2C Solution in collaboration with Namirial S.p.A. These tools simplify the activities and generate efficiencies significantly for the conclusion of business in mobility (even at the customer’s home). These initiatives are combined with other processes of document dematerialization (Ivass registers and accounting books) active since 2012 and precede development phases related to the implementation of an integrated CRM system.

The 2C Solution successes: the word of our customer

We have innovated our content management to progressively digitize insurance processes and share, in real time, all documents with the sales network, the liquidation network and stakeholders distributed throughout the country.

Giovanni Piccinelli – Reale Group

The digital document system

The structure and services implemented on the digital document system allow for optimal management of digital insurance files, with the aim of improving and simplifying processes, containing costs and reducing risks related to document management. Thanks to this tool, Reale Group immediately makes all the files available in digital format to authorized users with the relative access profiles, on the national territory, managing to maintain a high level of overall security.

The system allows access to documents directly from the management applications but also through a portal. The most important functions that can be used are: direct search by personal data, policy, claim; aggregated search by document type; vertical navigation along the customer – policy – left and horizontal substitute-substituted taxonomy; the search for expected/absent acts by contract; automatic notification of each new document published; the possibility of easily attaching customer documents, policy, claim (photos, videos, checks) in the so-called digital file and the flexible modification of the metadata of documents. In the field of claims, the system can also be consulted/valued by the trustees of the settlement network (experts, doctors, lawyers, body shops, etc.).

For publication on the platform and paper filing, each endogenous document (printed by the management applications) is generated a native barcode, unique and unique, containing the indexes of the document. For exogenous paper documents, which come from outside, the system allows the issuance of labels containing barcodes to be affixed for their identification. The scanning system recognizes the content of barcodes, either native or from labels, which it uses to index documents, storing them on the platform along with physical archiving references.

The benefits of SolutionDOC®

The implementation of the digital document system, in all its applications, has brought clear improvements in the service to the Member/Customer thanks to the reduction of the management time of the files and the optimization of the settlement time of the claims. Moreover, it has brought about significant reductions in the average cost for each individual operation, to be added to the equally important environmental implications, such as the reduction in consumption of paper, fuel, etc..

The solution guarantees security and privacy, while reducing the risk of incurring penalties for failure to comply with legal deadlines for the settlement of files. The integration of the platform with the management applications, the availability of the complete insurance file and the ease of access and use of the functions available on the digital document system, generate a high and concrete “perceived advantage” on the part of users.