OrtoRomi Società Cooperativa Agricola

Client: OrtoRomi Società Cooperativa Agricola

Sector: Fresh fruit and vegetables, washed, packaged and ready for consumption

Company profile

OrtoRomi is an Agricultural Cooperative founded in 1996 and quickly established itself in the market of fresh horticultural production and in particular in the fourth range becoming currently the third player at national level. The product portfolio includes different product lines, from the classic salads already washed in bags or trays, the Pausa Pranzo bowls complete with various enrichers (tuna, mozzarella, olives, goji berries, bulgur and quinoa, etc.) and dressing kits (dressing, fork and towel); the company then produces extracts of fruit and vegetables, 100% natural, without the addition of water, sugar or preservatives.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

OrtoRomi needed to archive and preserve all administrative documents, both for the active and passive cycles. In detail, the project consisted of the following phases

  1. Archiving Active invoices
  2. Archiving Invoices payable
  3. Active DDT archiving (and related verification tools)
  4. DDT filing of liabilities (and related verification tools)
  5. Bank Documents and Expense Notes
  6. Customizations


Before SolutionDOC®’s intervention, all documentation was stored partly on paper (in multiple folders) and partly in local files or on the company network. However, this mechanism was a cause of inefficiencies in terms of time and resources used for the interminable operations of archiving, searching, and sharing of information.

The 2C Solution successes: the word of our customer

I am absolutely satisfied with SolutionDOC® and the related advice. This platform has allowed us to manage and consult documentation much more quickly and effectively than in the past, with undoubted economic benefits linked to the dematerialization of documents. Now the consultation and archiving of documents takes place in the same way within all offices and business units. Another fundamental aspect is the security of document archiving and storage, in compliance with regulations and privacy.

Roberto Corazza – OrtoRomi Project Manager

The benefits of SolutionDOC®

Organizational:  Today OrtoRomi has a single document management tool for all company areas and its Business Units. In this way it has finally managed to put order in the management of processes and related documents involved.

Operational: reduction of the time spent in activities of little value, reduction of the margin of error, timeliness of use, sharing of information and traceability of the activities carried out: 20 minutes of paper search (request key cabinet, folder search, document search, document scanning, reordering and retrieval of information from scanned files) now reduced to 1 minute for the search of a larger number of documents. Excellent level of integration of SolutionDOC® with all other software tools of the information system. Reconciliation of recorded documents and archived documents for digital preservation in accordance with the law. Benefits for all environments (even outside the administrative area) that previously for reasons of time did not perform these operations. Improvement of checks by external bodies (e.g. auditors) who can access documents significantly more quickly than in the past. Computerised process management.

Economical: reduction of time spent (indirect costs) on archiving activities, search in binders. Lower direct costs due to the purchase of paper, binders, cabinets, document storage spaces, use of printers.