Meccanostampi S.r.l.

Client: Meccanostampi S.r.l.

Sector: Metalworker

Company profile

Since its inception in 1965, the objective of Meccanostampi S.r.l. has always been to distinguish itself from its competitors in the production of high-precision moulds for engineering polymers. In a few years, thanks also to important technological investments and to the increase in skills, we are witnessing a constant growth and today the company, which can count on more than 250 employees deployed in four plants and more than 150 injection molding machines, is able to offer a quality proposal for design, construction, molding and other complementary services of assembly and finishing.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

Meccanostampi S.r.l. needed to improve the efficiency of its processes for the collection and archiving of documents. Before the intervention of SolutionDOC® all the documentation was archived partly on paper and partly on different files.

Its management was entrusted to different solutions not always integrated or integrable. This mechanism, however, was a cause of inefficiency, unfinished use of the company’s management system and loss of time that inevitably resulted in low productivity of employees forced to endless operations of archiving, searching, and sharing of information.

Meccanostampi S.r.l. chose SolutionDOC® with the aim of reorganizing all company information in order to simplify its management and make it easier to find.

The 2C Solution successes: the word of our customer

I am very satisfied with the implementation of the product and the related advice. SolutionDOC® has allowed us to manage and consult documentation much more quickly and effectively than in the past, with undoubted economic benefits linked to the dematerialization of documents. A further advantage is that documents can be accessed via the web from anywhere and from anywhere.

Meccanostampi S.r.l.

The solution for Customer Order Management

Thanks to SolutionDOC®, customer order review is managed through a process workflow between the production scheduling area and the commercial area, which carries out the activity with dedicated tools (ERP and other software). Following the arrival of the order, the programming confirms the delivery dates and the salesman controls compliance with the sales agreements. Today, Meccanostampi manages all the steps from the receipt of the order to the delivery of the same, reducing the response time to the customer and monitoring each stage of processing through the consultation of the documents produced.

The solution for active and passive DDTs

Meccanostampi, having several shipping locations and many external carriers, needed to manage all the active DDTs that until then were paper-based. The documents were generated in the warehouse, collected and physically delivered to the administration, an operation that could lead to the loss of the document with consequent inconvenience). Thanks to SolutionDOC®, Meccanostampi has significantly reduced the cost of paper (in the past for each DDT 4 copies were printed, today only 2) and the DDT is now signed and archived in digital mode.

The solution for Personnel Document Management

Before SolutionDOC® was deployed, Meccanostampi had to print, every month, the payroll documents or any other document of the employee: the coupons had to be enveloped, distributed and signed by the employees after delivery. With the intervention of 2C Solution, the coupons and other documents are filed, signed in digital form, distributed and stored in a web portal that can be consulted both by your PC and by some PC Totems located in the company for this purpose.

The benefits of SolutionDOC®

Organizational: Meccanostampi now has a single document management tool for all business areas and has finally managed to put order in the management of processes and related documents involved.

Operational: reduction of time spent on activities of little value, reduction of the margin of error, timeliness of use, sharing of information and traceability of activities carried out. Computerised process management (e.g. customer order review, customer approval, document approval, …). Excellent level of integration of SolutionDOC® with all other software tools of the information system. Reconciliation of recorded and archived documents, for the purposes of digital preservation in accordance with the law.

Economic: for import activities, it has been estimated a saving of 25 €/hour for at least 20-25 hours per week, for a total saving of almost 30,000 €/year with a consequent reduction in the time spent in archiving activities, search in binders, distribution of wages and other paper documents of personnel (indirect costs). Meccanostampi has also chosen digital preservation to drastically reduce direct costs due to: purchase of paper (from 4 pallets per year the company has passed to 2 pallets), binders, cabinets, storage spaces for documents, use of printers.