Gasparini S.p.a


Sector: Logistics, Construction, Energy, Automotive, Automations

Company profile

GASPARINI is an international leader in the production of profiling machines and hi-tech profiling plants for the sheet metal working industry and, to date, has built plants used by more than 1,500 companies worldwide, specifically in the areas of logistics, construction, energy and automotive. The company is present in 35 countries on 5 continents.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

Initially, the main objective of GASPARINI SPA was to archive all the technical drawings. Following the use of the tool, the company intervened in the processes that mainly involve the design and production area, the reporting area of the interventions and the numerous communications and management of delivery terms that involve the entire supply chain.

This documentation was managed on paper (with the documents photocopied several times) and some of them were archived, at best, in digital mode through a series of Windows folders. In addition, the company felt the need to adopt a system of document archiving, for a faster search, but also a system of storage replacement for the elimination of paper that had reached significant levels.

Gasparini S.p.A. therefore turned to 2C SOLUTION with the aim of implementing a reliable web-based electronic document management system.

The 2C Solution successes: the word of our customer

During our growth, SolutionDOC® has proved to be a valuable tool not only in the management of orders, but especially to facilitate the reporting and reporting on each order. Moreover, thanks to SolutionDOC® and to the collaboration with our suppliers, we were able to eliminate the internal warehouse. By integrating SolutionDOC® with our management system, we have been able to adopt innovative and measurable business processes.


The benefits of SolutionDOC®

The speed of management and the accuracy of the information are translated into ORGANIZATION and RESULTS that speak for themselves. By integrating its systems with SolutionDOC®, GASPARINI SPA has managed to maintain the pace of structural growth by exploiting not only the adaptability of the platform, but also the capacity it offers to create a real network with its suppliers. Moreover, the company has now completely abandoned its internal warehouse and the resources that were used in the management of components now carry out other internal activities. The development of dedicated forms finally allows to optimize the management and invoicing of intervention reports.

To date GASPARINI SPA has been able to dematerialize ALL business documents, and is in a position to address the growth trend that has had until now for the future.

For the realization of this ambitious project, we can say that SolutionDOC® has proved to be an indispensable tool for document management supported by a design and support team with a high degree of competence.