ATER Padova

Customer: ATER Padua

Sector: Popular Residential Building

Company profile

ATER implements subsidized, subsidized and subsidized residential construction through the purchase, construction and renovation of homes and buildings, including through integrated programs and urban recovery programs, using its own financial resources and / or coming for the same purpose from other public entities. The Company also provides consultancy and technical assistance to public and private operators.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

The customer’s need

ATER needed to archive and then manage in a simple and fast way: the documentation issued and received, along with the Single Book of Work. Before SolutionDOC®’s intervention, this documentation was managed on paper with the documents photocopied several times and some not archived at all.

Specifically, as regards the incoming protocols, they were printed, labelled, photocopied in several copies and finally delivered by hand to those responsible for being archived. With regard to the outgoing protocols, the document was created in word and, subsequently, printed and delivered by hand to the office responsible for its recording (authorization, handwritten signature of the Director, archiving).

ATER also felt the need to adopt an IT Protocol and Document Archiving system for overall document management. The company therefore turned to 2C SOLUTION with the aim of implementing a reliable electronic document management system.

The 2C Solution successes: the word of our customer

SolutionDOC has proved to be a valuable tool not only in the registration and sending of invoices but also in the management of the numerous documents produced daily. With this IT tool the Company can at any time track incoming and outgoing documents, all documents have a certain date and content secure and unchangeable.

ATER Padova

The solution for the incoming protocol

ATER chose SolutionDOC® completely in CLOUD with the aim of reorganizing all company information in order to simplify its management and make it easier to find. Thanks to SolutionDOC® now in the phase of incoming protocol the data is retrieved and recorded through an automation process implemented thanks to RegisterDOC that records documents with virtual stamp so that if the documents are digital they are not printed but remain throughout the digital life cycle. Instead, paper documents are first scanned and then, once they are digital, they go through the phases previously described by computer documents.

Particular attention is paid to PECs that are managed according to regulations and are recorded without touching them by “bagging” them in a digital container that acts as a protocol. All documents are then archived within SolutionDOC®, catalogued (sorted according to company regulations) maintaining the uniqueness of the document and finally sorted according to the workflow process agreed with the managers and the management.

The solution for the outgoing protocol

For the outgoing logging phase, the documents are now created via a web interface and sent to those responsible for approval and authorisation to proceed. At the end of the process, the Director/Vice-Director automatically applies his digital signature to the documents by means of a remote signature, giving them full formality, integrity and validity. The computer documents are then archived and stored digitally and sent to the recipient by e-mail/PEC or, if necessary, printed (with indication of the manager who signs specifying the digital origin) and sent / given to the recipient in the traditional way.

As everything is digital, all documents are always available: searchable, sortable and always in original!

Digital storage in accordance with the law

At the end of each process, the documents are stored in digital mode, through LegalSolutionDOC the certified service of 2C SOLUTION for digital storage in outsourcing. 2C SOLUTION has been appointed “Responsible for the Conservation Service” and proceeds to the conservation of the fiscal documentation and registered documents plus the Protocol Register on behalf of ATER, in addition to sending and managing the Electronic Invoice to the PA.

The benefits of SolutionDOC®

  • Reduce the production and circulation of paper in the company;
  • Completely reduce the space occupied by paper documents;
  • Reduce time spent in non-value activities;
  • Traceability and sharing of archived documents;
  • Faster protocol processes.