How to take advantage of the opportunity of Big Data and Electronic Invoicing to improve your business? Discover Credit Risk and Data Quality.

2C Solution fatturazione elettronica

Thanks to the digitization of invoices, the amount of Big Data available to companies has increased. The collaboration between 2C Solution and Cerved has translated this opportunity into a powerful tool available to your business.


2C Solution and Cerved together for Big Data innovation.

The combination of information from electronic invoicing with Big Data Cerved on over 6 million Italian companies allows you to know the creditworthiness of your customers, suppliers and business counterparts. This tool allows you to manage Credit Risk directly in your LegalSolutionDOC® e-Invoicing portal.


Moreover, thanks to the correctness of the data available in these systems, you can know many other useful information for your business. This is the main function of Data Quality. This service, connected to the constant improvement of data quality, helps companies to allocate their capital efficiently.


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